"Spray Foam insulation can be sprayed on to walls, attic surfaces, or under floors to insulate and reduce air leakage. Closed cell spray foam has twice the R-value per inch of traditional batt insulation, and can fill even the smallest cavities, creating an effective air barrier." DEPT OF ENERGY


Spray Foam insulation is a mixture of isocynanate  and a polyl resin. These two chemicals mix at the tip of a gun and create foam that can be sprayed into walls, under slabs, into finished walls, or onto roofs. The US Department of Energy found that 40% of a home’s energy is lost through air leaks, driving up your utility bills. However, buildings that take advantage of spray foam insulation are insulated up to 50% better than traditional insulation products. Spray foam insulation is categorized by two types: open and closed cell.The benefits of open cell insualtion is that it is economical, provides a good R-Value, and is excellent for sound control. CLosed cell is the best foam insualtion with the highest R-Value per inch, water and air tight, and adds structural rigidity to the building.