"Conditioned crawlspaces perform better than vented crawlspaces in terms of safety, health, comfort, durability ,and energy consumption."    
- Building Science Corp


If you are experiencing radon in the home, dust, vermin, or insects…many times the culprit is a crawlspace. If the floors above your crawlspace are chilly, or if you feel drafts coming from the crawlspace hatch you may need to have us take a look. We have researched radon studies and we have been involved in several radon mitigation projects in which crawlspace conditioning was found to be extremely effective. The crawlspace is the second leakiest point in the house, next to the attic. This is a major point of infiltration and causes significant energy loss to the rest of the house. If your crawlspace foundation is exposed, you have high levels of radon, or cold floors give us a call to schedule a free assessment.